Got an e-mail from PayPal this morning stating that an individual had disputed a charge they made with us at the Farmer’s Market in December.  Looked back through my records and discovered the individual had purchased six pounds of ground beef and

Mired in the cold

It is Sunday and I’m sitting here in the back office which likely is around 60 degrees, which would be wonderful if it was the temperature outside, but this time of year, 60 degrees in the house is cold.  I am hoping

Another studio image

Not as good as the one I did on Tuesday, but still nice.  I used a Holga lens which gives the image a soft focus around the outer edges.  I’m enjoying the studio a lot more than I thought I would. Until

Back to being a prolific writer

Yesterday was a tough day.  Lots of aggravations and, more importantly, soul searching.  Both Wally and I are rethinking farming.  We simply are not making ends meet, at least not at this time.  It’s frustrating. What I need to remember is that