Charlotte Farmers Market

Wally and I made the difficult decision this week to not return to the Charlotte Farmer’s Market. This decision was made for numerous reasons, but primarily due to the recent policy change which prohibits farmers from parking their vehicles in the space

A treat!

School does not open until 10:00 AM this morning which gives me several extra hours to get the chores done AND get a shower!  Ran behind the eight ball yesterday morning and did not have time for one, which sucked!  I wash

Just a few minutes

It is quarter of six and I have a few minutes to update this journal before heading out for milking and doing other chores.  This semester is already exhausting me.  Four days out of the week, I have to put myself in

Farm to Fork Photography

Dabbling in something new here: farm to fork photography. Pictured below is a bowl of gorgeous Spellcast Farm duck eggs from rare, heritage breed Ancona ducks raised humanely on pasture and pond. Next we have said duck eggs fried up over easy