Market Today

Only have a few minutes because today we go to the Farmer’s Market.  My first math test did not go so well.  I worked really hard to learn the concepts, but the best I could do was an 82% on the test.

Doin’ the Happy Seed Dance

Yesterday morning, I got a half bed of October (Cranberry) Beans in one bed (will get the other half done this morning) (NOTE TO SELF: order larger quantities of beans next time), Purple Podded Pole Beans planted around one bed of corn

Back to School

Agh, logged on to Blackboard (CVCC’s on-line class portal) and looked at the syllabus and calendar for the math class I’m taking.  It’s going to be a lot of work!  As best I can tell, it’s all basic, every day math, statistics,

Creativity and Flexibility

The problem faced by so many small farmers today is the lack of creativity and flexibility in so many Americans today. The get fixated on what’s available in grocery stores on a daily basis. You can walk into a grocery store in

One cup of coffee …

Here it is 5:49 and I’m following through with my resolution.  I’m waiting for it to get light enough to see before going down to deal with the cows.  We had a bit of a rodeo last night.  I believe Penny is

This is plumb ridiculous!

I cannot believe I’ve gone this long without writing!  No excuse other than being busy, but I take the time to update Facebook, which seems like it’s so much easier than writing here, but really it is not.  So, here’s the Memorial