Finishing up my ICED TEA

It’s been disgustingly hot lately.  We had at least five days of 90 degree weather in a row, have a little bit of a break now, but it is going back into the 90’s in a few days.  I feel bad for

Now, some real R&R

Well, sort of!  Yesterday afternoon, the agency that is sending me to school called to let me know that they were going to let me drop the math class, because I was so sensitive about my GPA dropping.  She said that she

Missed another day!

Wally was on vacation yesterday so we spent the day doing errands, etc.  It is always nice to be able to get up easy and do the chores together at a more leisurely pace. Everything is good here and I need to

Da Rabbits …

I have not written about the rabbits much and I realized that as I was walking through them mid-day yesterday watering them.  They are doing really, really well.  I have had little problem with coccidia as was a problem in the past,

It is good to move on …

It is good to move on, away from things/people/places that evoke negative feelings.  I will not get into specifics, but I made a telephone call today to check on something and the negative feelings arose right away.  At that time, I simply

Still Having Bull Issues

While I was milking last night, Wally was watering the raised beds. ***PLEASE rain today!!!***  I looked up and saw our bull, Tanner, in the milk cow pasture eating their grain.  Shoot!!!!  Now he’s jumping the fence to come in for feed.

Just a few minutes …

Got the chores done this morning, then took a shower and headed to town.  It was once of those, “we are out of everything” times and I really needed to take a trip to the grocery store.  I treated myself to lunch

New Dog and New Baby Bull

We picked up both a new Border Collie and a new Jersey bull last night.  The new dog’s name is Jackson or Jack.  The new bull is Dutch.  Both Wally and I are really liking Jack.  He’s been well started on stock,