This is Jack.  Wally said that I needed to use Photoshop to make fire coming out of his mouth.  Jack is full of himself.  He desperately wants something to do, but he is so rambunctious that it’s hard to give him anything


“There was another life I might have had, but I am having this one.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kazuo Ishiguro Wally and I comment a lot about “falling off the turnip truck.” We wonder why those around us have so much when we have so

Late …

Yesterday was not so great, primarily because of damned Moon.  I don’t know what triggers her craziness, but when it comes on, it’s a PITA to deal with.  Gel suffered badly after his tangle with her. He’s finally starting to show improvement.


Saw the sun yesterday. It was a beautiful thing and very uplifting. Before the sun came out, however, Moon got difficult again.  The fire breathing Border Collie (Jack) was of NO USE. We keep hoping that we will find another dog to

Freezing Fog!

I had to haul Morris (our UTV mule) to the shop yesterday morning.  Poor old Yoda (my Toyota pick-up), has only four cylinders and it’s pretty hilly getting to Lincolnton from where we live.  He complained the whole way about hauling Morris.