Sheep Shearing

I was busy this morning — busy taking pictures that is!   I have never seen sheep being sheared before.  It was amazing.  The shearer handled the animals with authority and great care.  I cannot wait to see the continued progression of


I’ve written numerous times that I feel like I am a failure at farming.  I really am not … I am a failure at “market farming” meaning raising things to go to a weekly farmers market to sell.  Does that make me

Spellcast Farm Rabbits

Our rabbits are born in nest boxes in conventional wire cages. Our cages are larger than most: 30 x 36 inches with either tiles or slabs of wood for them to sit on to get off the wire. Even those these bunnies


Yesterday afternoon, I went to a local farm and photographed the farmer (a woman) trimming lambs’ hooves.  I’ve never seen a “squeeze table” in use before.  It was interesting and I can see how it saves the farmer a lot of manual

Sittin’ in a Cube

I’m in the library at CVCC.  Today was a work day and I elected to head over to the library where it was quiet, well-lit and has good wireless access.  I finished my second presentation using Adobe’s Voice app on photographer Rob


Wally and I eat darned good.  Breakfast this morning: lightly cooked duck eggs (from our ducks); sausage patties (from our pigs); sourdough toast (made here!).  Awesome! Happy tummy! In the crockpot: ribs (from our cow); organic pinto beans; Sam Adams beer; BBQ