da Goaties

As one of our assignments for documentary photography we had to turn in six images that give the viewer a glimpse of our life.  We were to look for images that have metaphors or contain enough information for interpretation. I turned in six

Sigh .. relief …

I printed ten images yesterday for my portfolio and they look really good.  Better actually than they look on the computer screen.  I just need ten more, which technically I have and I’ll be done with the requirements.  I have a bit

Portfolio Woes — again

Woke up at 2:00 this morning having anxiety attacks over — well, the darned portfolio — again.  I spent Saturday morning lusting for a new lens, which I do not need and while on this lustful course, learned something I did not

The end is in sight!

I am about through with my documentary project and luckily it dovetails nicely into my final portfolio.  I spent the morning at Windy Wool Windings photographing the new lambs and talking to the owner, Susan Proctor.  Susan has been very giving of