We’ve finally been getting some rain. Much needed rain. Much appreciated rain. Appreciated except for when I am digging trenches between our garden beds.  The soil is much heavier now. This task has been hard, but before the dirt was dry as

Sweet Potatoes

Picked up 75 heirloom sweet potato slips last night and now I’ve got to plant them.  It was beautiful out this morning — very foggy! Wish I had time to take my camera out. Oh well. Off to plant. Until later …


If you’ve been reading this journal, you will remember that last week, while sitting for a friend’s horses and goats, I found our cat Ted who had been missing for about six months.  Wally and I were elated to have him back.

Irrigation and Scare Crowess

I knew once we got the drip irrigation installed, the weather pattern would break.  It has not broke yet, but according to the weather forecast, we are going to start to get some rain. Of course, what the weather says it is

Out of Compost!

We are pretty much out of compost! I did not ever think that would happen! So I had to buy some yesterday.  I got .57 of a ton and given a ton is 2,000 pounds, that’s over 1,000 pounds of compost. Too

I wish …

I wish I lived in a world where you do not have to worry about whether it rained or not. Where if you worked hard, you’d be appreciated and compensated. Where people accepted you as you were even if you were a


This is Wally’s only day off this week.  I hate it when he has to work Saturdays.  I told him I would not wake him up this morning so he could sleep in as long as possible.  I expect we will not

Lost …

Remember the TV series Lost? I was so addicted to that show. I feel very lost now.  I just finished milking the goats and feeding the rabbits including scything some grass for them.  The second pasture that we have yet to fence

Tired …

Wally and I worked our tails off yesterday.  I finished all but one permanent raised bed while Wally worked on removing grass clumps. Another iPhone picture.  I do not need to tell you how much work it is to manually shovel all