It’s all pretty cool …

The job is at least.  As I write this, I am proctoring an exam.  It’s pretty cool because I can do other things while I’m sitting here clean, comfortable and in the cool.  I have to get up occasionally and take a


We finally got some measurable rain yesterday.  We have not received more than a sprinkling of rain since the beginning of June. It has been exhausting keeping everything watered.  The portion of the garden that is in drip irrigation is doing okay,

New Job

The new job is good.  Very, very, very good.  Intellectually stimulating, good work-mates, comfortable surroundings.  It’s all good.  The only problem is adapting to having to do this different kind of work.  I’m tired! I woke up this morning thinking it was

Goats …

There are times I wonder where my head is. The goats all by drive me mad.  Goats are onerous creatures. They can be pushy, noisy, obnoxious and even, I think, downright evil. They are a lesson in patience, something I feel I

No more job applications!

Friday was my birthday (the big 55!) and I got a wonderful present: a job at CVCC’s testing center! While in photojournalism class during last fall semester we visited CVCC’s new testing center.  I was impressed with it then.  I’m so glad