I made the difficult decision this weekend to stop planting anything in the garden.  We simply are not getting enough rain, there’s little rain forecast for the coming week — a pattern that has been going on since the beginning of June.

The Squash Bugs Won

Pulled up three rows of squash and pumpkin plants Monday. The Squash Bugs won; I’ve never seen so many squash bugs! Makes me realize how much conventional farmers must spray their crops in order to keep their plants alive. No crops have

Teasing rain

It seems, these days, the rain just dances around me — teasing me with its relief.  I am so glad I started so many seedlings in seed blocks so I can keep them well-watered and protect them from what has become a

Mistakes …

I’ve made a million mistakes in the garden this year.  For example, I thought our sweet corn got destroyed by Japanese Beetles (and in talking to other farms, their corn was destroyed by Japanese Beetles unless they sprayed and sprayed and sprayed

Garden and Rabbits

Garden and rabbits (and ducks), garden and rabbits (and ducks) … it’s never ending or so it seems.  I worked my tail off yesterday both prepping rows (really only got one prepped to plant in) and making seed blocks and starting seeds.

Two steps back …

Decided yesterday evening to go back to rabbit pellets for the time being.  This is for two reasons, while I am still not certain rabbits need 16 to 18 percent protein, I do not feel that I am feeding them well enough

Back to the drawing board …

I wrote a while back that we decided to put our rabbits back on conventional rabbit pellets.  That did not last long.  My ethics and distaste of conventional agriculture, GMOs and soy has made me dig deeper to figure out how I