New Job

The new job is going fantastic.  It is demanding, challenging, sometimes frustrating (primarily because I hate not knowing how to do something!), but incredible rewarding and stimulating.  I spent yesterday chasing pumpkins, ghost stories, accidents and ground breaking ceremonies. I am going

Gainfully employed …

Quite by chance, literally because I was at the right place at the right time, yesterday I joined the ranks of the employed.  I start today as a full-time reporter at a small, local newspaper. I am so incredibly excited! It is

Down the rabbit hole

It rained yesterday — if our rain gauge is correct, we received three inches of rain which is amazing! It was a good day to revisit the rabbit hole because this time it was a successful trip.  I’ve been wanting to redesign

The Dream …

I had a horrible dream last night.  I’m sitting here in math class and it came to me so I decided to write it down.  I dreamt that Wally and I moved to a house in the city.  It was a nice