Starting over – Day 1

I took almost a week off from my photography challenge due to Gel’s death so I am starting over from scratch.  Got to go to Murray’s Mill this morning because several pre-1927 cars were going to be there.  They came to downtown


Last night, Wally and I picked out and brought home four ewe sheep each with two lambs on them.  This was something that’s been in the making for some time now. We are blessed to have more pasture than we have animals


If you’ve been reading this journal for any length of time you know Gel.  We lost him this morning to a tragic accident.  There are not words to describe how Wally and I feel.  There will never be another dog like him.

History and the old ways

I wonder why it is that I have the desire to return to the old ways – to a simpler way of life. Things are so complicated these days.  There are things in the modern world that I’d have a hard time