My view from the milk stool today is about protests. Goats sometimes protest. In fact, I expect they’re protesting now because I shut them all down in the pasture so that the barn can have a chance to dry and air out.

Fighting wars

My view from the milk stool is much delayed. Yesterday was a tough day. It felt like I was working on the paper for 24 hours. It was a long, long day. Wally and I were out in the goat barn, me

Spewing hate

My view from the milk stand is about spewing hate. Keep in mind, the definition of “spewing” is to “expel large quantities of (something) rapidly and forcibly.” Facebook and other social media platforms make it easy to spew. I feel sure if

Supply and demand

My view from the milk stool is on supply and demand. People are fickle. It’d be nice if it all worked out that everything a farmer produced would have a buyer. Some are lucky and are blessed with that. Many are not.


My view from the milk stool today is about management. I watch my goats like a hawk and am constantly berating myself for not doing enough, not keeping adequate records, etc. I dusted off a scale that I bought ions ago to

Quantity over quality

My view from the milk stool is on quality over quantity. Oberhasli goats are known for their high quality milk, but when compared to the other Swiss breeds, Alpine, Saanen and even Toggenburgs, they give less milk. But, they give higher butterfat

Social Distancing

My view from the milk stand today is about social distancing. There was a time when I disliked Facebook for its lack of real connection thinking that people have lost the ability to be truly social – i.e. picking up a phone

Seasonality of food

My view from the milk stool is about the seasonality of food. There was a time, a long time ago, that people ate seasonally. There’s nothing like a tomato picked from the vine and consumed while standing the garden, corn cooked within