On Monsters

My view from the milk stool this morning is about monsters. One of the classes that I’m taking this semester is called “Reading the Fantastic.” Throughout the class, we’ve read several novels. All of them fantasy, science fiction, horror, and similar genre,

On Agrarian Connections

My view from the milk stool this morning is actually about the goats. It appears they’ve all be bred. The buck, Bassoon, has been in with them since the beginning of September. I saw some of them cycle and get bred, others

On Mercury in Retrograde

My view from the milk stool, which is long overdue as always, is about Mercury in retrograde. I’d never heard that term before. Katie and I have hit a brick wall, which started with my last lesson a couple of weeks ago

On Seasonality

My view from the milk stool this morning is on seasonality. I think many Americans have lost whatever connection they may have had to seasonality. The constant availability of produce and whatever cuts of meat we may want has resulted in a

On writing

My view from the milk stool this morning is about writing. I honestly don’t know how my skill for writing came about. When I had the option through a Federal program to go to school to get an Associate’s Degree for free,

On being a dog person

I’m not a dog person – really I’m not. I think it’s because in order to be a “dog person” you need to be able to have a relationship with another being which is, I guess, something I’ve had trouble with.  I’m

On doing something

My view from the milk stool is long delayed. This has been a very emotional week. I thought I’d get a break from it this morning, but alas, no.  I’ve been thinking nonstop about a lot of things – Border Collies, training