Got my butt kicked yesterday!!!

Damn!  The course my instructor set up kicked my butt big time.  She called it double box death (or something like that).  I walked it and said to myself, we are not going to be able to do this and I was quite right.  You can bet we’ll be working on double box drills over the next week.  Wally and I set the course up last night and I’m a few jumps short.  I’ve got two jumps sitting outside that I haven’t put jump cups on.  Guess I should get that done.  I spoke to Marcus last night about my agility field.  He was quite out of it when I talked to him so I didn’t get a very good answer.  I’m getting a bit perturbed with him.  Sure, he’s busy, but an agreement is an agreement.  I told him I’d like to have the field done before fall if at all possible.

I misread the e-mail for classes this week and thought my class was at 10:30 and that’s what time I was there.  I was wrong, my class was at noon.  Oh well, Fern and Gel got a lot of extra training in.  I set up a jump chute for Fern, something she’s never done before.  She didn’t quite master it, but it’s close.  We also did some teeter work.  No fear of the teeter for this girl.

Speaking of Fern, I thought she was due to come back in heat the beginning of February, six months from the last time she was in heat.  While she was at the nursing home last week I looked at her and though she looked a bit full.  I asked Wally if she thought she did too and he agreed.  We both said “shit!”  We were very, very careful to keep her separate from Gel in February, but Gel has proven to be quite creative with his drive to reproduce.  When Rose was in heat, he crawled through the top of his run (it’s covered with shade cloth), went down to the back pasture, jumped the fully charged 36″ tall ElectroNet and caught her.  She’s spayed now of course.  While at the nursing home, I felt Fern’s nipples and they were swollen and I panicked until I lifted her tail and saw that she was coming into heat.  Sigh of relief.  She’s fuller because she’s matured and her coat has thickened up.  It will be nice if she continues to cycle every eight months rather than six.

This time, we are not taking any chances.  When neither one of us is home, Fern will be in a crate and Gel will be in his run.  Wally asked me if I was going to spay Fern and I told him I hadn’t decided yet.  I spoke to my instructor about her yesterday and she thought I was justified in my feelings to leave her intact for now.  Fern is really a nice dog and while I likely will never breed her, it may be best to keep her intact for the time being to see how she matures out.

I need to get out to milk, then move the sheep down back and set the fence.

Until later …