Busy Sunday

Wally and I spent most of the day catching sheep and lambs, tagging the lambs, trimming hooves, worming those who needed it, banding the ram lambs we were going to hold on to until next year and recording all that we did.  By the time we got done, we were both covered with mud and sheep shit.  I only ended up on my back with a sheep on top of me once which is a miracle given how slippery it was where we had the sheep penned up.  They have been gorging on fresh, green grass and many of them have soft stools from the rich diet.  That coupled with more rain today made the footing quite treacherous.  The arrangement is that I catch a sheep or lamb and if I can bring it to the stand on my own, I do, if not, Wally helps me get it there.  Once they are on the stand, Wally trims their hooves while I tag them (if necessary) and check the color of the membranes around their eyes to see if they need to be wormed or not.  Once that is done, I record all that I did along with any other abnormalities we note.  It takes Wally longer to trim the hooves than it does for me to do my part so while he’s still trimming, I catch the next victim.

I had forgotten a woman (who had been here a few weeks ago to buy cheese and eggs) was scheduled to come out with her friends to pick up more cheese and eggs and to see the sheep.  Around 1:00 a red car pulled into the driveway and then I remembered.  Shoot!  We were surely not dressed for company, but they didn’t seem to mind and were incredibly fascinated with what we were doing.  We took a break and went out into the back pasture and I gave a quick demo with Gel using the sheep that we had finished.

Poor Gel has about lost his mind.  We can’t keep him in his run.  He dug out yesterday while I was at work, bent the screen door on the back porch open and got into the house.  Luckily Fern was in her crate.  When I finished with the demo today, I put him up and he wasn’t in there 15 minutes before he got out again.  Later on Wally put him up in his run again.  He heard a noise and turned around and there was Gel walking across the tarp covered roof of the kennel.  He was climbing up on his dog house and getting out, but we moved the dog house to the center of his run so he now must be climbing the side of the chain link.  He’ll just have to stay in a crate when we are not home.  Given how distracted he is, I was happy that he was honest about his work today.

Until later …