I created a monster!!!!

A few days ago while I was milking Ted (the cat) came in and started messing around with the goats.  Ted is a shit head through and through.  He has no fear of the hoofed animals.  He gets up on top of the milking stand and messes with the goats to try to get a rise out of them.  For the most part they ignore him, as they did that day.  So, he tried a new tactic.  He got down on the ground and started messing with their feet which was getting to them.  To avoid getting a foot in my milk pail, I distracted him by squirting some milk in his face.  He happily cleaned up his face and the milk that landed on the milk stand and I was able to finish milking.

He came in today and was really aggravating the goats; enough so that they started fussing enough that I worried about my milk pail getting tipped over.  I got up and found a stainless steel dog bowl and filled it with fresh milk.  This convinced Ted to leave the goats alone.  I’m afraid, however, I’m going to have to keep that bowl in there for Ted as I think he’ll decide milk for breakfast is a very good thing.

Off to re-set my ElectroNet as quickly as I can and get back here so that Wally and I can head out to a FAMACHA workshop.  It’s about time they scheduled one in our area.  I only found out about it yesterday and luckily there was still room.

Until later …