Chicks and cold frames and learning experiences

It appears that the experiment with the incubator was a failure.  The chicken eggs should have hatched by now.  I’m going to give it a few more days for the duck eggs, but I’m afraid they won’t hatch either.  Bummer!  Raising chicks in a brooder is a pain in the butt too.  They kick shavings into their waterer, poop in their food and water and stink to high heaven.  The smell isn’t a problem when they are outside, but being outside means I have to make sure they are sheltered from the weather.  Agh!  I wish at least one of my hens would go broody.  That would be a much more natural way to raise chicks.  The chicken tractor was a failure as well as the cats were sticking their paws under the wire and dragging chicks out.  I put them back in the brooder with straw for bedding which hopefully will be a little easier to deal with than shavings were.

The lettuce I planted in the tubs that I had cold frame came up, but it isn’t growing all that well.  I bought some seedlings from Lowes and put them in a few weeks ago and they are doing much better.  The peas are coming up nicely.  In the future, I will use the garden against the house for cold weather crops.  Now that the cattle panels are up, it won’t take much to put hoop some PVC against the cattle panels and the house and then put plastic over that during the cold months and shade cloth during the warmer months.  Just being up against the house will help in the cold months.  I only work two days this week and plan to get the rest of my garden in.

The other night when I was looking at the tubs of lettuce I told Wally it was a failure and he said no, it wasn’t a failure, it was a learning experience and he’s right.  I guess you don’t come out of the womb knowing everything there is to know in this World.  You have to learn, sometimes by your mistakes.

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  1. Try calling around to see if you can find a hen or two that goes broody but no longer lays, or lays infrequently. A lot of people dislike broody hens because they can make egg gathering a pain. Some types of chickens make better mothers than others, and people often keep hens of a different breed than their egg layers for brood mothers. Hope you find a solution.

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