Happy Earth Day!

I’ll be spending a good part of the day in  my garden.  Must get it planted on time this year  I traded some cheese for some nice heirloom tomato seedlings.  They are still a bit too small to put in the garden, but I’ll buy a few tomato plants at a local greenhouse and get them planted today and tomorrow.  Tomato plants, yellow squash, peppers, cucumbers and some herbs.  Before I plant, I have a bit of weeding to do, but not much.  The garden is very heavily mulched which helps keep the weeds down and moisture in.

Rose and the sheep spent the night in the far back pasture.  I heard Rose barking some, but not much.  It was her “I’m here and I’m tough” bark.  If it escalated beyond that I would have gone down to check on her.  Good girl Rose!  Hopefully everything is okay down there.  I need to run down there early this morning with water.

Wally and I are now certified to use FAMACHA.  How exciting, huh?  I’ll bet the companies that make conventional wormers don’t care much for FAMACHA.  If you use this method, you use a lot less wormer, which is good because it is expensive.  It was fun hob nobbing with the local sheep and goat farmers.  Soon, I need to get to the point of using herbal dewormers for my goats.  They are going to be harder to keep perasite free than the sheep because they stay up more.  When I’m home I open the back gate to the fenced-in area and they go out to graze.  They are doing well about going out to graze and coming back in when they are full.  The know where they live.

Until later …

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  1. I was so pleased to see you still have your cats and the website up. I sought it out so I could send someone there for some sensible and useful information for raising a cat. I’m delighted that you made the decision to spay and neuter all your adults. I wish more people would do that: cats and dogs. There are so many dear animals, far more than there are good homes. Anway, I read you had this blog when I was browsing around your website so here I am.

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