No planting done …

The wind, I hate the wind.  The pollen count is through the roof and the wind blows it all over the place and makes me sick as a dog.  I don’t know which is worst, antihistamines or sneezing your brains out.  Agh!

Early in the morning I started the ATV with the intention of going down back with water for the sheep.  I got it out of the garage and hooked it up to the wagon, then it stalled.  I didn’t think too much of it stalling because it was pretty chilly out.  I started it again and it only ran a few minutes before stalling again.  Great.  I went back in the house, ate some breakfast and came back out to try to start it.  No go.  Wonderful.  I walked down back with Gel and pulled the sheep and Rose up to the house so they could drink.  Got a few things done in the house, then headed out to Auto Zone to get what I would need to have it tuned up by my neighbor.  This particular ATV is pretty sensitive about its spark plugs.  It likes to have them changed frequently.  That is likely due to all the slow driving I do with it.  I rarely open it up in order to clean out the spark plug.  The employee at Auto Zone was very helpful in trying to figure out what parts I needed for the tune-up.  They could not get me either the oil or air filter though so I headed to the local ATV dealer.  Got lost, finally found it, only to find out it was closed on Wednesdays.  Great.  Stopped at another auto parts store and got the oil filter then headed home.  When Wally got home, he changed the spark plug for me and that fixed the problem.  It still needs to be tuned up so I’ll need to make another trip to the local ATV store to get the air filter.

Without the ATV we did a lot of walking, which was actually quite nice.  On the way up with the sheep the first time, I called Gel off them once they were pointed in the right direction.  I assumed they’d go home.  I assumed wrong.  Got back up to the house and no sheep.  I sent Gel back down for them.  He was gone for quite a while so I let Kessie and Fern out of their runs and walked back down.  As we were topping the hill to the back pasture, I saw Gel looping around the sheep who were way, way, way far down.  Gosh, it was pretty.  He brought them back up through the gate and into the pasture where we were.  I put them up in the fenced-in area for safe keeping, forgetting that I had left the back gate which opens into the front field.  A few hours later, I came out to find no sheep.  Got the dogs and headed out into the front pasture, walked the whole length of that, up around Red’s house and back down through the back pastures.  The sheep were in the pasture immediately in back of my house.  The lambs were playing king of the hill on the old hay bales.  I let them be and came back and got the goats and pushed them out into the back pasture to graze.

Remember the tick problem?  I think we have it licked … ha! We licked the ticks!!!  I bought a large container of Dawn dish detergent and squirted that a the base of the walls.  The ticks that came out of the walls ended up in the Dawn detergent which killed them.  It looks like crap right now, but I haven’t seen many live ticks since I put the Dawn down.  Yea! Non-toxic tick killing.  I took everything out of the closet in the bedroom and the bathroom and it is all in the family room off the bedroom.  I purposely left the Dawn standing for several days to be sure all the ticks were killed.  I started cleaning it up yesterday.  I’m slowing getting the things I took out of the bedroom back in there, but it’s been a slow process.  I don’t have a lot of energy and I think that’s due to allergies.

Today is looking to be a much nicer day, but the wind is still up some.  I did transplant the seedling tomatoes I got on Sunday into clay pots.  They are too small to transplant into the garden.  I hope to get to the local greenhouse today.  The peas and lettuce are doing wonderfully.  I used a gallon of milk to make yogurt this morning and set up another batch of cheese.  Rose is getting a ball of cheese for breakfast.  She’ll be happy about that.

Kessie update, she gets points for desire to work.  That dog just doesn’t give up when it comes to working.  She may not be very effective at what she does, but she sure tries hard.  I need to get past my issues with that dog and try to work with her.  It’s hard …