We need to do something different as far as fencing is concerned.  Finally, we are able to accurately (relatively accurately that is) measure where we need to mow the path to set the fence.  I measured out clothesline rope and I use them to gauge where the fence will end up, then we mow and set the fence.  I have to be careful not to pull the rope too tight as then we end up with a path that is too long.  It works well if the grass isn’t growing too quickly (as it is now) and the ground isn’t too hard (as it is now).  The posts to the ElectroNet are flexible and you can’t pound on them to get them into the ground.  You have to wiggle them around until they go into the ground (or not).  Wally and I mowed the paths Saturday afternoon and decided to wait until Sunday morning to set the fence with the hope that it would rain and soften the ground.  If nothing else, the ground might be a bit softer in the morning due to moisture from the dew.  It didn’t pan out.  The ground was hard as a rock and I miscalculated with one line and we had to take an entire line down to make it work.  Shit!  It sucked!  All this before having to go to work.

The fence is up, but it will have to be moved this weekend.  Hopefully the ground won’t be so hard.

One good thing: I put the dairy goats out with the sheep all day yesterday and they did well.  Selling Dawn was a very good idea.  With her gone, Rain hangs with Luna and Penny.  Both Luna and Penny were used to grazing in a pasture (Dawn and Rain were dry lotted) and will stay out there to eat.  If Dawn was out there, she would have tried to come back and Rain would have gone with her.  Dairy goats seem to be impervious to pain and I feel sure they would have gone through or over the ElectroNet, charged or not.  I kept checking (at a distance) throughout the day and I didn’t hear or see any issues so I didn’t go out there and disturb them.  Wally and I walked out around 6 and let everyone out to free graze until we finished dinner.  It was nice to see fat, happy goats and sheep.

This morning when I go out to milk I’m putting a pitch fork under Luna’s belly so that if she tries to lie down on me on the milk stand she’ll get a big surprise.  Rotten creature!  She also started pulling the mule kicking routine that she did when I first looked at her.  I have no idea what her problem is.  This morning I’m going to try to milk her first and see if that makes a difference.  If nothing else, if she’s milked first, she won’t have the opportunity to kick over the milk pail with milk in it from the other goats as she did yesterday.

Back to fence.  I spent about 45 minutes in the phone with the nice people from Premier Supply.  They sell the ElectroNet.  I am going to explore the multi-stand fence with reels option.  It will be a lot easier to move and with as much money as I already have invested in the ElectroNet, I can fence in more than twice as much area.  We won’t be able to do anything about this for a while, but it’s something to think about.  Meanwhile, there is a sixty percent chance of thundershowers today and an eighty percent for tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll get the rain.  It rained some last night which was very welcome.  I live in dread of another drought like we had a few years back.  One day Wally and I were out in that back field making holes with tent stakes in order to get that ElectroNet in and once it was in, it didn’t charge properly because the ground was so dry.

I screwed up another batch of cheese yesterday.  I tried dissolving three drops of rennet into 1/3 cup of water and only using a tablespoon and a half (vs. two tablespoons).  I set the pan in the room I use to make cheese and checked it in several hours.  It didn’t look like it was going to set so I added another drop of rennet.  Stupid move Michelle!  It set alright: rubber cheese again.  The dogs and chickens are enjoying my mistakes.  I’ll try again today.  Maybe I should give up on cheese making for a while and go back to sourdough bread.  I’ll very much miss the cheese though and storing all that milk is not a good thing.

The house is spotlessly clean and I washed and hung out three loads of wash yesterday.  I love clothes off the line, especially sheets and towels.

Until later …