Working Fiend

Gel has turned into a working fiend. He’s up and read to go at a moment’s notice. He handles his work with calm, quiet authority. When it’s time to play, he’s ready and rearing to go. Whatever I want to do, he’s there for me. I have never had such a close relationship with an animal, or even, really, a human. He’s such a great dog.

And do they ever get excited when I come home and turn the ATV on! They love to run with me on it. I almost didn’t go out last night though. Just as I was getting ready to start it, I heard a pack of coyotes howling. There was no telling where they were, but I wasn’t so sure I wanted to run into them down in the back fields in the dark. Then I realized, they would be more afraid of me than me of them so we would be safe, and we were.

I’m watching Fern very closely to make sure she’s handling this extra exercise. I stop frequently while we are out there, but she keeps up well. She hasn’t been stiff or at all lame either after a run or when she first gets up in the morning. While I would expect she’d crash when we come into the house, she continues to play. I can see it now, with all this exercise, I’m shaping a puppy who will grow into a bionic dog. It’s hard to believe that not so many months ago, this was Fern. I almost wish I kept that turtle. I donated it back to the Salvation Army.