Got it!

Making cheese takes time and patience.  I believe I was not letting it sit long enough.  Since it’s been warmer, it sets faster, but apparently even if it looks set, it isn’t done.  It needs to sit for a good 12 hours which is what I did yesterday.  I got a batch of wonderful cheese this morning.

Cheese party!

I am not very good about setting goals, but I am going to try to set and keep to this one.  I need a dog to fill Gel’s shoes.  Last night, he wouldn’t go and find the sheep for me.  I finally put him up and brought out Kessie.  Big mistake.  It would have been easier for me to go out and round them up myself.  She spent more time flipping around back and forth and running into no where than she did moving them.  Finally I called her off and pushed them the rest of the way myself.  Fern was in the house; I should have taken her.

This morning, Gel disappeared while I was milking.  He’s done this a couple of times recently and I’m not sure where he’s going.  Perhaps there’s a female in heat somewhere, but that is unlikely.  This will be the last time he gets the opportunity to do this as he’ll be tied out in the mornings until I need him.  I called and called, but he didn’t return so I got Fern and went out to get the sheep whome I had let out before I started milking.  She picked them up nicely and got them in the ElectroNet with no mess or fuss.  Moving the goats didn’t go quite as well, but I really don’t need her to move the goats.  I put leads on them and lead them out and kept her behind to keep the babies going.

I love Gel, I truly do and he’s invaluable, but he’s not 100% rock solid, no dog is.  He could be gone tomorrow for whatever reason (accident or death) and then what would we do?  For the longest time I relied on Gel to do things that were way over his head because I had no choice.  I’d like to be able to move Fern gently into place without putting her in over her head.

The episode she had with Rose did damage and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get her through that.  It may be time to contact my homeopath and discuss this.  Homeopathy may be of use here.

What is a journal, on-line or otherwise if you didn’t share your successes as well as your failures.  I read lots of Blogs where it’s all happy, happy, happy, everything is good and great and nothing goes wrong, but that’s not real life.  I rave on and on about Gel and for the most part, he’s a great dog, but he has his holes.  I can do my best to work through the issues and try to patch those holes, but as I said above, no dog is perfect.  All I can do is to try to learn from my mistakes with Gel and not make them with Fern.

I’ve been extremely irritable lately, for lots of reasons.  Primarily, the economy is scaring the crap out of me.  I was also really upset about all the cheese failures.  I asked several different people about the problems I was having and for everyone I asked, I got different solutions, none of which worked or were not plausible.  Glad I went back to my book and re-read it.  Read the f*cking manual Michelle.  Too bad there wasn’t a manual for life in general.

Until later …