Having a hard time getting going here …

It’s raining.  Lovely, soft rain.  It sounds beautiful and i know it’s doing beautiful things for the grass.

As always, Wally and I were very busy this weekend.  Early Saturday we went to get a load of alfalfa hay for the goats, then had breakfast, then went to WalMart to get a gift for his mother, then to the local greenhouse to get two more gallons of strawberries to put up.  We didn’t get back to the house until about 11:30 and it was quite warm by then.  Let the dogs, sheep and goats out, then headed down to the back pasture to set fence.  There are two nice big thickets in the pasture.  The plan was to fence around one of them to provide the animals with a good source of shade and browse.  Instead of fencing in a square which we have been doing, the enclosure is shaped like a half moon.  The ropes I have cut to length of one line of ElectroNet worked well and we were able to get the fence set without any issues.  The sheep and Rose have been down there 24/7 since we set it.  We both feel good about this location.  There’s plenty of food and shade.  Shade had been a problem until now.  One day we need to make some sort of portable shade shelter to move around with the animals, but for now, this will do.  Next weekend we’ll fence in the second thicket, which is larger than the one they are in now.  Then there’s one large tree in the pasture that we’ll incorporate.  That gives us three different locations to rotate around.

While setting the fence we talked about fencing.  Part of the problem we are having with the ElectroNet is the charger that I am using is not terribly powerful.  It was okay for what I was using it for before, but now we are pushing its limits.  I have five rolls of ElectroNet, but the charger will only run four.  If we were to use five or even six rolls, we could fence in a larger area and wouldn’t have to move it so frequently.  In addition, a more powerful charger would not be so sensitive to weed and grass interference.  We decided that it made more sense to buy a more powerful charger and to continue using the ElectroNet.  I would not trust four strands of electrified twine to keep predators out; I trust the ElectroNet, as long as it is sufficiently charged, to do that.

Once we got the fence set, we came back and worked on my milk stand.  The plan was to make it half the width and to raise it up some.  Once we looked at it and talked about it, we decided to make it less wide and see how that worked before raising it up.  It is already up about eight inches off the ground.  Now, instead of sitting on the milk stand beside the goat (where Luna can lie on me) I sit on a metal milk crate beside the stand.  I used it for the first time Sunday morning and it seems to be working okay.  We’ll see how it goes this morning.

We just barely finished the milk stand before it started to rain.

Sunday morning I had to work and while I worked, Wally mowed.  There’s a tremendous amount of mowing that needs to be done around here.  Luckily Wally likes mowing.  When he picked me up, we drove to Falston to look at dairy goats.  I had talked to the woman who had these goats for sale numerous times.  The day we were supposed to go out and look at them, she called saying she had a family emergency and had to cancel.  I didn’t hear from her until about two weeks later, then I couldn’t get her on the phone again.  Wally and I decided to take a drive by to see if we could see the goats to see if it was worth pursuing her.  I don’t care to just appear on some one’s doorstep, but when we got there, she was milking so we went out to see her.

Gosh, my goats don’t know how good they have it here.  Talk about dry lotting.  She had four bucks in an enclosure that was probably 16 x 16 with no grass.  They had hay and the water was tolerably clean.  Her numerous goat kids were in several dog runs.  The does that she was milking were tethered in a paddock that was about six inches thick with mud and manure.  One of her sons was retrieving the goats and bringing them in to be milked and then putting them back up when they were through.  She was milking into a plastic container, which I guess was okay given she was giving all the milk to the goat kids.

Darned, she sold the goat I was the most interested in!  As soon as I saw her, I knew that I would have liked her, she had an udder to die for, but she’s sold.  We looked at a young doe, but I don’t know that her udder would be much better than Dawn’s was, plus she wanted more money than I was willing to pay for her.  There are a couple of other options, but unfortunately those goats had been milked already so I couldn’t see what their udders were like.  One is a Saanen and the other is a Nubian.  I doubt I’ll go with the Nubian, it’s not a breed I like very much.  The Saanen is three and is supposed to milk a gallon a day.  She’s not a full-blooded Saanen; she has a bit of Nubian in her several generations back.  There is also a LaMancha/Nubian cross that is a possibility.  The plan is to go back out there on Friday to see those does in full milk and then decide.

Gosh, it was around 2:00 when we were there and she was still doing her morning milking.  Granted, I’m sure she started very late in the morning, but if she was going to get an evening milking in, she was likely going to be out there milking really, really late.  No wonder why I couldn’t get her on the phone.

I found out on Sunday while at WalMart that they had fired two cashiers late in the week.  One for telling another cashier that she was too fat to wear the style of shirt she was wearing and the other (the one who was told she was too fat) for faking a heart attack in front of a door greeter who recently had a relative drop dead at her feet of a heart attack.  What is wrong with these people?  I have to say I am not sad to see the cashier who faked the heart attack go, but I liked the other one.

I decided that I had better just bite the bullet and start building up my hours at WalMart and see where that takes me.  I might as well accept that things are the way they are for a reason and whatever the reason, it will all work out in the end.  I won’t stay a cashier long once I start working more hours.  WalMart will be opening a new super center less than a mile from the store I work at and that will open up a lot of opportunities, if not for me, for other people living in this area.  It isn’t scheduled to open until 2011, but that’s only about 18 months away.  Now if I can only stand what I am doing for that long or until something else comes up.  There simply are no jobs in my profession.  The time will come when law firms will be begging for experienced paralegals, but I think that might be at least a year away.

I feel sure everything will work out in the end.

Until later …