Fern’s back!

Used her to put the sheep up last night and she was back to her usual self.  I dosed her with Lycopodium about a week ago now.  Lyc is a slow, long-acting remedy so it doesn’t surprise me that I didn’t see improvement right away.  While we were heading out, Rose was doing her best to distract Fern, but she wasn’t successful.  When Rose tried to jump on her, Fern simply ducked and kept on working.  Good girl!  The grass is so high out there that I frequently couldn’t see where Fern was.

As I write this, it is only 42 degrees.  Is it March or May?

I have an interview this afternoon with a new title company opening offices in Charlotte.  I’m not terribly keen on working for a title company or driving to Charlotte again.  We’ll see how it goes.  Perhaps I could negotiate a three-quarters time work week.

I made a batch of ice cream from goat milk yesterday.  It is really, really good.  I made it with straight goat milk (no cream).  I’m sure it isn’t as thick as it would have been if I had used cream, but the lower fat content makes up for that.  I’m using a Cuisinart ice cream maker.  You freeze the canister and you don’t have to use salt or ice to make the ice cream.  I used fresh strawberries, bananas and raw sugar for flavoring.  Too bad it’s too cold to eat ice cream!  It was so cold last night we had chicken noodle soup for supper.