We have a flat agility field!!!

Whoo Hoo!!!  Marcus came out last night and leveled out the agility field.  He also pulled up a stump that was on one side of it and took dirt from other locations on the property and filled additional dips and holes!!  Now all we have to do is to get some straw to put down over the dirt and then my equipment can be moved down there.  We’ll run some fence around it to keep the sheep, goats and stray Border Collies away from the equipment and we’ll be golden.  Yea!

The field is quite a ways from the house so the plan is to crate Kessie in the furthest room of the house when I go down to train Gel and Fern.  She barks like a fiend whenever I try to train Gel or Fern in agility and that is extremely irritating.  Maybe now I’ll be more interested in training agility.

Training on stock is just about out of the question right now.  The grass has grown up over the backs of the sheep.  I let them out yesterday afternoon to move the fence and they all but disappeared.  My ATV is out for service so I had to take Wally’s truck to go in search of.

I might have to call in sick to WalMart today.  I am in shock.  Adam didn’t win.  Apparently some shocking photos were revealed on the Internet.  Not sure exactly what the photos were and quite frankly, I don’t care.  People will say and do just about anything to get attention on the Internet.  Such is life behind a computer screen.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter too much.  I feel sure Adam is well on his way to greatness.

Until later …

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