The push is back and the cesspool the Internet can be

Early on, I had taken a lot of the push out of Gel and was worried about getting it back.  It’s back! He’s pushy as all get up now and sometimes I have to really get on him to slow him down, but the push is there and you need push.  It’s so much easier to slow a dog down than it is to speed him up.  We put the sheep up to Red’s yesterday afternoon.  In order to get up there, we went through the side field which is full of brush and grass that is well over the heads of the sheep.   Guess how much they didn’t want to go through it?   Gel had to lean on them hard to keep them going. He had lambs (who were bringing up the rear) jumping up over the backs of the adult ewes.   He didn’t grip once.  I took Fern just in case I needed the extra push, but I don’t think I needed her.

I was concerned about getting them up there because of the condition of the fields, but as always, Gel did his job.

Last night when we were getting ready to milk I opened the gate and automatically started to put Kessie on chain, but she wanted in there so bad, I let her go in and put Gel on the chain.  She couldn’t lift the goats so I sent Gel in to help.  Kessie all but lit up with the chance to do something.  Maybe one day she’ll come around, maybe even quicker if I got over my prejudice and gave her a chance.

Ah, the cesspool that is the Internet.  People can say just about anything they want either on-line or via e-mail.  I love the Internet and all that it offers, but there are times I wish some people would be forced to say what they say to the others face rather than hide behind a computer screen.  It would cut down on a lot of the crap out there.

Last night I got an e-mail from an individual with the subject line of “you” as follows: “couldn’t be further from the truth in your little article about dry cat food. I would advise a primary school education first, then perhaps generic college courses. Your credibility declines even further when you write your own “author” summary. Another reason the Internet is not a suitable source for fact.”

The article he’s speaking of is one entitled The Truth About Dry Food.  The e-mail was not signed; I hate it when people send unsigned e-mails.  Interestingly, I did not write my own author summary.  a woman with a PhD education did.  The Bozo must work for a pet food company.  Oh well, I hope sending this e-mail gave him (according to the e-mail address, his name is Ben, but that doesn’t mean the writer is a Ben, it could have been a woman, or maybe it was from a cat hooked on dry food) some pleasure, but I think maybe I should see if I could employ him to do some fencing or perhaps shovel some manure.  That would be a more constructive pastime for him.

Until later …