It’s one crazy, crazy world out there

Oh, what I would do to just stay home on the farm with my only outings being “foraging” missions when necessary.  My hours at Walmart have been increased and I’m starting to regret requesting that they be increased.  It has become quite apparent that I do not belong at Walmart.  The problem is I have no choice right now.  Many times I have asked to learn new things such as self check-out and the service desk.  My requests have been denied for various reasons such as: it’s too busy, we have enough people trained for the other jobs, etc.  Last week I saw several of the newer cashiers being trained for those jobs.  Damn!  I was pissed.  I finally got around to asking how it is decided who gets trained for other tasks and got another run around.

Then I figured it out: I have all my hair and teeth, I do not weigh 250 pounds, nor am I a born-again teeny bopper with painted hair, tatoos and body piercings.  I just don’t fit in.

So, as another very wise cashier who started at the same time as me who has been overlooked for the same jobs said on Sunday, “they pay me the same amount of money no matter where I stand so I just stand where they put me.”  Cool.  I can do that.  I’ll stand, do my job to the best of my ability, stay out of trouble and come in for my little paycheck.

I cannot afford to live on a Walmart salary.  I may have to if things don’t straighten up.

Damn!  Gas is going through the roof again too.  Business is down at Walmart.  It’s been very slow and slow is boring.  People can’t afford to shop if they have to pay more money for gas.  It’s almost up to $3.00 a gallon again.  Lovely.  It did get down to under $2.00. Oh, and I got a notice from unemployment that my benefits were almost exhausted.  Now I’ll find out if I will be able to get the extension(s).  Fingers crossed.

I thought very hard about going to agility today, but the price of gas was the deciding factor.  Going to agility is a good five hours out of the day: almost two hours to get there, an hour at class, two hours back.  I have several different salads in process in the refrigerator that I need to finish up.  I need to haul water down to the sheep.  I should do some house cleaning.  I am doing laundry.  I can’t go.  I wish I could, but I cannot.

I worked 9:00 to 1:00 on Sunday, came home, ate a bit of lunch, took a short nap, then started cooking up a storm.  I started several different salads: potato, tuna/pasta, a southwestern salad with corn, black beans, onions, peppers, etc. and chicken salad.  I also cooked up some chicken cutlets.  Summer is here.  It was almost 90 degrees yesterday afternoon and it’s supposed to be hot all week.  I broke down and turned on the air conditioning yesterday afternoon.  I had to, it was hot in the kitchen.  In retrospect, I should have cooked all those salads this morning, but I was in the cooking mood.  In addition to finishing the salads this morning, I’ll make a stuffed frittata and polenta with sausage and sauce.

Hopefully I’ll have enough room in the refrigerator for all these things.

The goats are all doing well.  I had to milk Rain on Saturday.  Her udder was all but dragging on the ground and I was afraid of her injuring it in the brush.  I spoke to my homeopath on Sunday and asked her thoughts on whether I should keep milking her or not.  She suggested giving her the homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla, which I had already thought of doing, to see if that would dry her up.  If not, then I would have no choice but to keep milking her.  I gave her the remedy last night.  I’ll probably have to milk her Tuesday.  Hopefully, she’ll dry up.

Feeding bottle babies is a pain in the butt, then again, it really isn’t.  The problem for me is to sit still long enough to feed them.  I am okay sitting to milk, but I’m milking when I sit.  Just sitting holding bottles is hard for me.  Wally was unsuccessful in making a bottle holder so this I ordered a bucket feeder with nipples.  It can be mounted on the fence.  You pour the milk into the bucket.  I think that will be a lot easier than bottle feeding.  The three babies are doing well.

I have a duck starting to sit.  Unfortunately, she picked a very poor spot to sit: at the base of the one round bale that’s left in the fenced-in area.  We tried to put fence around the hay feeder, but she couldn’t figure out how to get in there.  I moved her eggs and nest to a small dog run and when she goes back in there to sit this morning, I’ll catch her and put her up in the dog run and see if she’ll settle down.  The hen did and she’s still sitting well.  It was pretty funny last night watching her try to chase one of the goats away from her nest.  I think these feathered mothers may be successful in keeping the cats away from their offspring.

My two remaining purebred cats, Matrix and Simon, are incredible hunters.  Yesterday afternoon, Simon came up to the house with a huge frog in his mouth.  The frog was still alive so I took it away and let it go back in the pond.  The cats catch frogs, but they don’t eat them.  Later in the day, I saw Simon consuming a baby rabbit.  I’d like to see them hunting more.

I guess I had better get going and get some things done.

Until later …