Sourdough update

I now have an active sourdough starter going.  On a whim yesterday afternoon, I threw together a recipe for sourdough baguettes using the bread machine.  I baked them in the oven, which was pretty stupid given how hot it was yesterday.  The bread was good, but the crust wasn’t as crispy as I’d like.  It makes for good sandwich bread though.  I’ll use some to make a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

The past few nights Wally and I have taken tubes out on to the pond.  It’s been wonderfully relaxing, not to mention cooling.  I love the water.  That’s probably the biggest thing that I miss about Massachusetts: the water.

While we are out there, crazy Kessie swims around and around and around, splashing her feet in the water and barking and biting at the drops.  We can sometimes coax Gel and Fern to come out and swim for a few minutes, but they tend to lie on the shore and watch us.

Tonight we’ll have to move the fence and it is my job to have the fence down and ready to reset with the lines marked to be mowed.  That ought to be fun given how hot it’s supposed to be today.  When I got home from work yesterday, I immediately went out and let the sheep out of the fence and brought Rose up to the house.  She has to be tied out now when she’s up here because she harasses the poultry.  She’s on a long tie out in the shade; she surely isn’t suffering a bit.  The sheep are happily grazing down the grass in the fenced-in area.  They are fine as well.  I’ll let them out to graze in the yard today and then we’ll put them in the ElectroNet once we get it set tonight.

I planted a whole bunch of wildflower and morning glory seeds along the fence of my agility field.  Every morning I’ve had to go out and water them which is a bit of a pain, but hopefully they’ll come up and it will be worth it.  We’ll get some dirt in at the end of the summer and spread it along the fence and plant perennial wildflowers.

The chicken is still sitting on her eggs, but the duck isn’t doing so well.  She was pacing in the dog lot last night so I let her out.  She didn’t come back before we went out to put the ducks up so I’ll take up the nest today.  I’m hoping another chicken will go broody and if she does, I’ll stick some duck eggs under her.  The chickens and ducks have slowed down on their laying, likely due to the heat.  That’s okay, we’ve got plenty of eggs for our use.

I’ve had a few e-mails from people looking for milk, but I’ve had to turn them down.  We are now using all the milk the goats produce which is a good thing.  I’d just as soon not deal with people selling it.  The bucket to feed the kids won’t be delivered until tomorrow.  Bummer!  I had hoped it would come today.  I so don’t like holding bottles.  Wally does it in the PM so I shouldn’t complain too much.  The babies are growing up well.  The goats were out grazing most of the afternoon.  They came in full and fat.  Rain is filling out nicely.  I might be able to get through another day without milking her, but I’ll probably have to milk her tomorrow.  I’ve been giving the goats fresh vegetables to eat when they are waiting to be milked.  They love cabbage and carrots.  Yesterday morning I trimmed the herbs that are in pots on the back porch and added those to their mixture.  They were a hit too.

Animal Wellness hired me to write an article on inappropriate urination for the fall issue of Feline Wellness.  That’s good.  I hadn’t heard from them for quite some time and had been planning to write the editor to see if they had anything planned for me.

I had better get going and get out to milk and care for the animals.  I have a busy day planned and hope to get a lot of it done in the morning before it gets too hot.  Thunderstorms are forecast for Thursday and Friday with a bit of a cool down which will be a good thing.

Until later …