A few pictures

I have started to try to remember to carry my point and shoot camera around with me.  I downloaded pictures off it this morning and here are a few I intended to put up earlier but never got around to it.  I realize this journal would be so much better if I had pictures up to describe what I have been trying (likely very inadequately) to describe in words.

Here is the hay feeder we made for the goats.  You can also see the plastic tubes we put around the pine trees to keep the goats from eating the bark off them.  It has been a successful fix:

Here is one of the hay feeders we made to go around round bales.  I used one of these feeders as a chick pen and now the hen who is sitting is in one.

Here is what we call the “sheep house.”  It is 30 feet long and 15 feet wide.

Pumpkin sleeps in the oddest positions.  Here are two photos I took recently:

And not to be out done in the cute department is Nettie:

And now I really am going out to milk!