Lots happening …

I’ve been very, very busy lately (surprised?).  Lots of good things are going on.  My unemployment was extended so I’m okay until October.  Hopefully something will come up before then.  I reconsidered my decision about entering the Walmart Assistant Management training program and will see what happens with that.  Chances are, nothing, but until then, I’ll stand at whatever register or door they want me to be at, smile, do my job to the best of my ability and leave when my schedule is finished.  Standing for eight hours is hard.  I haven’t had to work on my feet for a long, long time.  I worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week and so far, Monday of this week.  My shifts vary considerably, from early, early morning to late afternoon to closing shifts.  I guess variety is good.

On the agenda today is to head out to water the seeds I planted along the fence to the agility field, then my garden (which is growing beautifully), then head down and take up the fence and get it set up on the far side of the field.  Last night, Waly mowed two of the paths.  I’ll get two lines of fence set and the poles set for the last two lines and we’ll finish it tonight.  We are scheduled to go out to look at some rabbits this evening.  They are Californian/New Zealand (both meat breeds) crosses so they should be decent sized.  She’s got quite a few available.  We may be able to work out a similar arrangement with her that I have with my primary supplier.  My primary supplier has not been able to keep up with my demand.  If I could get the dogs on more rabbit rather than chicken, I’d be happy.  After I get the fence set, I’ll head out to do a few errands.  Wally and I finally finished securing the fence around the sitting area and mounting the gate.  It looks wonderful.  Now that the sheep and goats cannot get in there, I’ll start spending some time cleaning out weeds and planting.

Friday night Wally and I visited a local dairy.  I have been wanting to go there for quite a while now.  On Friday a man came through my line at Walmart and cashed his check.  The check was from the dairy.  I asked if people ever came out there to get milk and he said a few did and gave me the contact number for the owner.  I called to see if it was okay and he said it was so when Wally picked me up from work, we stopped at the dairy.  They have Jersey cows.  I love Jerseys.  We got the grand tour of the facility and left with two gallons of milk.  I made yogurt and some homemade ice cream out of one gallon.  I was going to make mozzarella out of the second gallon, but after doing some research, realized I might not be happy with the taste of the cheese if I made it using citric acid.  I ordered vegetarian rennet, starter for my chevre and a starter imported from Italy to make mozzarella.  Now, what to do with the second gallon?  Maybe I’ll make cottage cheese.

Well, I had better get going and get my outside work done before it gets too hot.

Until later …

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  1. “I read other blogs wherein people write about going out to “work” dogs. I am glad to now be in a position where I don’t have to go out to “work” my dogs.”

    When I go out to work my dogs, we are going to different ranches penning, sorting, moving from one pasture to another. The difference is you don’t have to drive to go work. That is a good thing. But working different terrains/environments/livestock is also a good thing.

  2. Working different terrains/environments/livestock is a good thing, I guess, if you are interested in trialing. In a real world situation, I don’t need to worry about any terrain, environment or livestock that is not on my property. I believe that for the most part, the “sport” of dog trials is an unrealistic representation of what Border Collies were bred to do. How many of the dogs that you see in a trial are working in real situations on a regular basis?

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