We have chicks!

When I was through milking I walked over to check the hen who has been sitting and saw one chick sitting next to her.  I crawled inside of the pen and lifted her and found three more chicks!  Yea!  I have two more hens sitting and hopefully they’ll be successful.

The ducks are once again trying to build a nest in the hay bale.  They (this time there are three or four ducks working away) had a nest built and four eggs laid, but the sheep messed up their nest.  I took out the eggs last night and this morning, they were back in there working away.  We’ll need to figure out a way to keep the sheep and goats away from that section of the hay bale so that if the ducks want to sit, they can.  Khaki Campbell ducklings are expensive and if I can raise up my own, that would be a good thing.

The main project this weekend is going to be fixing the top of Gel’s run so he can’t climb out.  I think the reason why he is getting out is that he thinks Rose is coming into heat.  When he’s out, he’s been hanging around her.  Sorry, Gel, it ain’t happening.

Last night, Wally and I got the ElectroNet reset in record time.  Strong thunderstorms coming over the horizon are plenty of incentive to get the fence set and get out of the middle of a field as quickly as you can.  While Wally finished up, I road the ATV up to Red’s to bring the sheep down.  Damned sheep.  I put them out into the far back pasture and less than an hour later, they were up at Red’s.  I put them in the fenced-in area up there until we could get the fence set.  By the time I got up there to bring them down, it was raining pretty hard.  One of the goat kids got mixed in with the sheep and slowed down the move back to the house so by the time we were through, we were both soaked.  At least it was a bit cooler than it has been.  My allergies were very bad yesterday, so bad I thought I was coming down with a cold, but I feel pretty good today.

As I write this, it’s cool and raining but the coolness isn’t going to last.  It is supposed to be in the mid-90’s Friday through Sunday.  Lovely.

When the rain let up, we walked the sheep, goats and Rose down to the newly set ElectroNet.  In most places, the grass was over the heads of the animals.  I’m sure Rose was happy to be off the line.  The intention was to let the goats walk down with us and then bring them back with us, but Penny, Luna and Dusty had other ideas.  They headed into the midst of the sheep and started grazing.  We decided to just leave them down there.  Of course that meant Luna had no milk this morning, but that’s okay.

The rabbits are doing well.  Yesterday I picked up 40 pounds of frozen older rabbits from my supplier and when those are fed out, we’ll butcher the larger rabbits that we are raising.  Unfortunately, the cats don’t care for older rabbit.  I am not sure why, but I think it’s because they have a stronger flavor to them.  I haven’t sampled them myself, but they certainly smell stronger and they have a much higher fat content.  The plan is to let the cats eat what they want of the older rabbit and feed the bulk of it to the dogs.  If the cats don’t want to eat the older rabbit, they can hunt if they are hungry enough.  Hopefully the hen will be able to keep the cats from stealing her chicks.  I’ll try to keep her up in the pen for a week or so to give them a bit of an advantage.

We will probably butcher some of the chicks that we raised up from Tractor Supply.  They are Cornish Game Hen size right now and the cats should eat them pretty well.

I have to get going and get ready for work.  I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to working today … not!

Until later …