Quick update

Things have been a bit traumatic here.  Wally spent Friday night and a good bit of Saturday AM in the emergency room with kidney stones.  I’ve never been around anyone suffering with kidney stones and I hope that I never see it again.  That poor man suffered terribly.  The emergency room sucked, sucked, sucked.  We waited for almost three hours with Wally in excruciating pain before they finally administered pain medicine.

He’s better now and he will be consulting with my homeopath in the next week in an effort to make this his last episode of kidney stones.

Spending time in the emergency room and watching the care that Wally received made me remember just how much I dislike and distrust conventional medicine.  Let’s hope this was the last time we’ll spend any time in the emergency room and hopefully the last time I see Wally in so much pain.

This morning, my homeopath has switched out my remedy.  On Monday, my sciatica raised its ugly head.  Sciatica is an incredibly irritating condition.  As I write this, however, the pain is much less.  Hopefully it will be gone soon.

I have not written the article which is due today for Animal Wellness.  It’s in my head, I just haven’t put it on paper. 

Luckily, I haven’t had to work at WalMart since Saturday.

Off to try to get that article on paper …