Time to batten down the hatches

It’s going to be dangerously hot over the next couple of days with little chance for rain.  I woke up having anxiety attacks over it.  We are going to need to move the fence on Friday and I am not looking forward to being out there in close to 100 degree heat.  Of course we could not move it and make due, but I’m hard-wired to take the best possible care of my animals that I can.

I have to work today and in a few minutes I’ll go down and bring the sheep up for the day.  The plan is to put them in the chicken and duck pasture which was recently mowed.  I cleaned out and filled two water buckets for them and placed them up on cinder blocks so the ducks can’t get into the water.  Give ducks access to a  water source and they’ll have it fouled in record time.  Chickens are not much better.

Last night we took a really close look at Luna’s hoof.  When Wally trimmed and cleaned it out we discovered a small abcess.  She was not happy about having the hoof attended to.  I’m sure it hurt.  When we finished trimming and cleaning we poured some hydrogen peroxide over it.  She seems a bit better this morning.  Hopefully it will continue to improve.

Until later …