When things are right, or at least reasonable right, in the World

I worked from 10:30 to 7 yesterday.  I really don’t care for that shift because it takes up most of the day.  Other than normal chores, I can’t get too much done before going to work and the same for after work, especially when it’s as hot as it was last night.  But it was all okay.  My back was driving me mad during the beginning of my shift, but after my lunch/dinner break, it stopped.  Amazing.  I got home and discovered all the sheep were loose in the yard.  Great.  The gate to the duck pasture had come loose and they took advantage of it.  Luckily, they didn’t do any damage.  Luna is walking on the foot that she was previously lame on.  Fern was willing to help bring the sheep down to the ElectroNet.  I thought the television had died, but I pushed a bunch of buttons on the remote and now it’s working again.  Hopefully that will continue.  I hate to say it, but I couldn’t live without cable or television.

We need to move the fence this afternoon when Wally gets home from work.  Not looking forward to that too much, but it needs to be done.  I milked Rain this morning for what I hope to be the last time before she kids.  If I do have to milk her again, I’ll need to keep her milk separate from the rest of the milk due to the colostrum which will give the milk an off flavor.  As I write this, the goats are out grazing, the sheep are still down in the ElectroNet and all three Border Collies are in the house.  It’s not even 9:00 AM and it’s already 76 degrees.  I’ll need to go down and get the sheep and Rose soon.  The next place we are going to set the fence will have shade so I’ll be able to leave them all down there 24/7.

I really need to get that article done and today I feel like I can do it.

I wrote my homeopath yesterday morning telling her I didn’t think the remedy she switched me to was working, but now I think it is.  My back isn’t bothering me at all this morning.  I was feeling a lot of tingling in my hands, sometimes even feeling like I was getting an electric shock while milking, but that didn’t happen this morning.  My fingers are flying over the key board and I’m not making the spelling mistakes I normally do.  I wrote about cognitive dissonance as it related to Gel’s homeopathic treatment.  Is it any surprise that I’m now on Gel’s remedy?  I suffer terribly from cognitive dissonance.  When I told my homeopath about Gel’s escaping his run, she suggested that I redose him, which I did on the same day I took the remedy.

Last night when Wally got home from the auction, I sent Gel out to help put the goats out (I left them out in the front pasture until he came home).  I watched Gel work from the sliding glass door.  He’s matured so much over the past year.  He’s become a solid, reliable worker.  Hopefully Fern will work through her funk as Gel did.

I expect most people wouldn’t put up with a dog that is doing what Fern has been, which is exactly what Gel did at her age.  I almost sold Gel numerous times and as Wally said every time I talked to him about selling Gel, “I’d have to come over and drag you out from under the bed.”  I would have been miserable and I don’t think I’d ever forgive myself if I sold him.  I think about selling Fern, but I know that would be a huge mistake.  It’s all there, I just need to let her work through her issues.  It’s nothing more than a life stage.  She’s not even two, she has plenty of years left to work, as does Gel of course.

Kessie … she has so much “want to” it isn’t funny.  She’s just like Cian.  If only I could get her to work with some thoughtfulness.  Wally and I call her the bumble bee because that’s what she looks like when she’s allowed in with stock.  She flits around and around and does virtually nothing to move the stock and they pay her about as much mind as they would a bumble bee.  She can move the sheep, unless they decide they’d rather stay where they are and eat at which point, she flits back and forth and back and forth and the sheep go no where.  She cannot move the goats.  Maybe in time that will change.  I should bite the bullet and work her some, but … well, there’s the cognitive dissonance in play.  Maybe the remedy I am on will help me move past this.  Maybe I should go out and work all three dogs before it gets too hot.

Oh, I don’t “work” dogs, do I?  I do work and use my dogs to help.  So, maybe I should take the bumble bee down and let her bring up the sheep, there’s a thought, then I could use Fern to take them back down again …. hmmmm ….

I work tonight from 6:30 to 11:00 which I am not looking forward to, but it’s a short shift and it should be pretty busy.  We need to get up early tomorrow AM to go to Wally’s mother’s house to help install a new washer and drier, then we’ll go to the Farmer’s Market and then come on home.  We don’t have any set projects planned for this weekend, but I’m sure we’ll still be busy.  I work Saturday 4 to 9 PM which shouldn’t be too bad.

I’ve rambled on quite enough for one day.  Off to get some things done and maybe play with the bumble bee for a while.  I know it would make Wally happy to see me work her some.  I know it would make Kessie happy to work.

Until later …