Taking it easy

I got up this morning at my usual time and got ready to go out for a walk with the dogs. When I got out to the building where I keep my grain, I realized I forgot my headlamp. At that time I said to the dogs, let’s just take it easy this morning. I came back in, where it was warm, and am doing just that, taking it easy. As I write this Fern is playing with a piece of rope and Gel is lying near the kerosene heater. I’ll play with them outside when it gets lighter.
The training session on sheep didn’t go so well last night. I think it’s probably time to take a couple of days off sheep and work on agility. It’s always good to take time off. I did get some nice photos of Fern working ducks. If you compare the photo above of Fern with the banner image of Gel working sheep, you can see who’s daughter Fern is.

The Purina Dog Challenge was boring, should have stayed outside with the dogs.