Course Builder I’m not.

I didn’t get the course built last night as I planned. Instead, I picked up some crap (not literally) around the yard that needed to be picked up and attempted to devise a method for the sheep to eat the expensive hay that I offer them without wasting half of it. Yes, more than half of the bloody expensive hay that I am feeding my sheep ends up in the duck pen as bedding because the darned picky sheep only eat portions of it. After that, I took the dogs for a run on the ATV.

In reality, it was quite cold last night and I didn’t really have enough light to do agility outside. It was even colder this morning. I did set the course this morning, well, sort of, it isn’t right, but I practiced a bit on it as it was. Over the next couple of days, instead of trying to set the course, I’m going to do some double box drills which even an idiot like me can set up.

While I was practicing with Gel I had Fern tied out so she couldn’t get in the way. Well, Fern can be quite vocal when watching Gel run and that is an irritating habit. Border Collies must learn that they are not allowed to bark while other dogs are working. After a few corrections, she watched quietly. Fern got some handling training as well this morning.

Fern now has a reliable sit and lie down; her targeting training is doing well as well. We worked a bit on driving into contact position this morning. Unfortunately, when I have treats out in the house, several of the cats join in believing that they can perform agility exercises much better than any old dog.

Fern is becoming extremely motion-driven. I discovered this morning, when Gel is in the picture and moving, Fern zones out on me. It’s time she learns self-control when around Gel in motion. Gel also needs to learn his name isn’t Fern.