Another eight hour shift done

Gosh it was busy at WalMart today.  I guess between SSI checks coming out and it being the day before a holiday brought out everyone.  The length of the lines felt like Christmas.  Busy is good, it makes the time go by faster.

The baby goat with the bent front legs seems to have improved a bit.  She tries so hard.  I hope she gets better as it will be really hard to have to put her down.  Her sister is doing great.  I took her out this morning before I went to work, put her down, walked a few feet away and called her.  She came to me, as best she could.  When I got home tonight I let Rain out of the dog run and Wally and I sat on the lawn and watched her graze.  The dogs and several of the cats gathered around us.  It was a very soothing end to a rough day at WalMart.  After a while, I milked Rain into a bottle and gave it to the little one.  She is nursing on her own, but I’m sure she’s not getting as much as she needs.  I feel that if I help her a little bit she’ll be stronger and maybe her issues will resolve.  I examined her closely tonight and it feels like it’s a tendon that’s keeping her from straightening her legs out, not the joints fused as I originally thought.  We left Rain out for about a half hour and the baby had to keep up as best she could.  I know that was good for her.

Another eight our shift tomorrow then four hours on Sunday then I’m off Monday.  Got the new schedule and I’m only on for sixteen hours.  We’ll see how that goes for now.  Part of the rationale for increasing my hours was to develop a tolerance for working there, but it isn’t working.  No matter how much I work, I’m still exhausted.  I guess all the years of working a desk job have done me in.  Hopefully I’ll get another desk job one day soon.

Until later …