My garden is thriving.  As I write this, the sprinkler is on watering it.  We haven’t had rain in more than two weeks and it’s getting dry.  Luckily, we had enough rain earlier in the year so that I don’t feel too concerned about using the sprinkler.

I am researching canning and plan this week to put up some bread and butter pickles.  This will be a start to what I hope will be a pantry full of cans of vegetables and fruits, primarily tomatoes, but both Wally and I like bread and butter pickles (and they’ll be a good gift) and I hope to do peaches as well.

We pulled up the squash plants this morning.  Squash takes over the garden and since neither of us are terribly fond of squash (not matter how they are prepared) we figured the garden space could be better utilized for other things.  I am toying with the idea of putting squash-type plants in the duck/chicken pasture and seeing how they do there.

 Wally was kind enough to go to the farmer’s market this morning.  I had to be in work by 8:30.  He picked up four Cherokee Purple tomatoes and four cucumbers.  We did harvest a cucumber out of the garden last night.  I will continue to plant cucumbers because we both like them.

I called my homeopath this morning to discuss Gel’s new (really old) symptoms.  Way back when, he was very itchy and had extremely smelly feet.  Those symptoms stopped and newer symptoms (such as his rear leg hitch and mental symptoms which I’ve discussed quite a bit) appeared.  Over the past week or so, I’ve noticed the itchiness and stinky feet.  Looking at things “homeopathically”, the recurrence of old symptoms is a good thing.  I discussed what was going on with my homeopath and she suggested that I switch Gel’s remedy to Calcarea Carbonica, a homeopathic polychrest (polychrests are the best known and most often used remedies, especially in constitutional prescribing). While Rhus Tox (his former remedy) can be used for chronic complaints, it is more commonly prescribed for acute diseases. I am glad to see him finally moving towards a remedy more commonly used for chronic conditions.

My primary reason for calling her, however, was to ask her opinion on the goat kid with the bent legs.  Because I thought her leg issues were caused by fused joints, I had administered Calcarae Carbonica to her that morning, but I didn’t feel quite right about my choice.  She recommended Hypericum Perforatum, a remedy indicated for nerve injury. While Arnica is indicated for injury to soft tissue (I administered Arnica to both Rain and the baby after the delivery), Hypericum is often called the Arnica of nerve injury. Given how her head was bent backwards, it stands to reason she may have suffered some nerve injury from the difficult delivery.

She’s a fighter, I give her that.  I put Rain out when I got home and she walked around quite a bit and that baby scrambled along with her.  She seems to be getting stronger day by day.  I hope she gets better.

I only work four hours tomorrow and I told my homeopath I’d send her pictures of the baby.  I probably shouldn’t have named her, but I did.  Her name is Moon.

Until later …