Haying, the old fashioned way

Red bush hogged the field in front of his house and I decided to take the ATV and wagon out there and rake up some hay and bring it back for the critters.  I brought the sheep up from the back field because they are fenced in an area where there is little shade and it’s quite hot today.  To think that is how people used to get hay up.  What a lot of work!  Modern machinery makes haying a whole lot easier.

We’ve had a long dry stretch which has been a good thing for those people who do sell hay.  We got 20 bales of alfalfa on Saturday and hopefully this weekend we’ll put another 50 bales of grass hay up.  I got two loads of raked up hay and filled up the hay feeders.  That will keep the goats and sheep happy for a while.

I’ve seen great improvement in Gel since I dosed him with Calc Carb.  Right after I gave it to him, he took a nap which is always a good sign.  The itching he was doing is also much less.  The best thing, however, was that he stayed in the house last night.  He has been going out the cat door and jumping over the fence that encloses the steps (intended to keep the dogs out if we want them out and in when we want them in).  It is nothing for Gel to jump it to get out, but he can’t get back in.  I was glad to see him lying on the floor when I got up.  His work is calmer and more focused, but he’s still wired for sound.

I had to go to Tractor Supply this morning to get a new hanger for the front gate.  The existing one, which was welded on to the gate, came undone.  I brought Gel with me and he had a good time entertaining the employees.

Due to our laziness, we lost two chickens last night.  We were both tired and went to bed before the chickens and ducks had gone up.  When I went in to check for eggs, I found two dead half-grown chickens.  Not sure what killed them, but whatever it was, it didn’t eat them.  They didn’t go to waste: Rose ate them.  I moved the nesting box behind my milking parlor and was glad to see the hens go right to it to lay.  The half-grown chickens had been roosting in it when it was in the hen house and they were making a mess.  Chickens like to lay in a clean nest.  Hopefully this will continue to work out.

My yogurt came out great this morning!  Yea!  I missed my homemade yogurt.

The goat baby also seems to be improving.  I’ve seen her walking some on the tips of her hooves rather than the front of her ankles.  Let’s hope she continues to improve.  Unfortunately, Rain has to be a yard goat right now until the baby is able to get around better.  She was in with the other goats this afternoon and damned Luna was butting her around like a foot ball.  Beast!

Took a few photos this AM.  This is what greeted me as I came out the door.  They were anxious to get their grain and decided to escort me to the milking parlor to make sure I didn’t forget them. 

Here is the hen with her chicks:

Here are some of the young white chickens drinking left-over milk.

Gel keeping the chickens and ducks from coming into the milking parlor:

Ah, the life of a farm cat: 

Finally, here’s little Moon. I took these photos yesterday.