Thinking about training …

Yesterday, I had intended to go down to my agility field and set up this course, but was pretty busy and didn’t get around to it.  Maybe I’ll get to it today.  It would be a perfect course for the shape of my agility field.

I just got off the phone with my friend Helene.  I love talking with her because she always gives me things to think about.  She suggested that I put Gel up and just use Fern for a few weeks and see how that goes.  That may be worthwhile to try, although, I don’t think Fern is up for dealing with the goats right now.  I do want to move the sheep up to the fenced-in area behind Red’s later today so I think I’ll use Fern to do that.  It will be a long haul to get up there given that we’ll need to follow the slightly mowed paths up there, but it will be good work for Fern.  I’ll see how it goes.  I used her a bit this morning to move the sheep down to the ElectroNet (Gel was working too) and she seemed very stiff, not stiff due to injury, but tense.  I think the more she’s worked, the looser she’ll become.

It’s always easier going to the trained dog to do things because it’s easier, but I need a back-up dog in case anything happens to Gel and Fern has to be it.