Storm Warning!

We are under a winter storm warning. I love storms, it’s so exciting and I love watching the news programs during a storm. I’ve made a few preparations and will make a few more before the end of the day. The last time we had a major ice storm, I lost power for two days. That was pretty miserable given that when I loose power, I loose both heat and water. Since that storm, I accumulated numerous gallon-sized plastic containers and filled them with water. Tonight I’ll put some water in my tub, just in case. On my way to work I’ll fill up my kerosene containers so I will have heat if we loose power. Luckily I was able to scrounge up some work that I can do at home so I won’t have to worry about getting into the office and not have to take a vacation day. The critters will be happy to have me home tomorrow.

As I write this, Fern is gnawing on a bone and Gel is sleeping next to the kerosene heater. It’s quite cold out this morning.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Monica Percival, the owner of Clean Run. A few days ago I put up a page from the February 2006 issue of Clean Run showing a course I was going to set up and practice on. Unfortunately, that was in violation of the copyright, which I understand, so I drew up the course by hand and reposted it. When I read the facts about the digital edition of Clean Run, I thought that I had read that you could share courses from the magazine for instructional purposes. I re-read the facts yesterday and it states that you can share articles from the magazine with up to ten people. I believe that policy is new.

I was surprised, however, to hear from Monica. I can’t imagine she’s reading this Blog, are you Monica? Someone else must have told her about it. Oh well …