Working Fern

After I finished the post this morning I put Gel and Kessie up and took Fern down to where the sheep are fenced.  I took down one line of fence and then sent her in for the sheep.  Poor Fern, she kept getting lost in the tall grass.  It was a lot of work for her keeping those sheep together all the way up to Red’s.  We went the long way around using a path that is somewhat mowed, but the grass all around us was over the backs of the sheep. 

Sheep are very nervous about travelling through terrain where they cannot see all around them and they did a lot of bolting and Fern had to work hard to keep them together, but she managed it.  When we got up to Red’s I realized that a field to the side of his house was mowed so I brought the sheep in there and worked Fern a bit on her flank commands.  She didn’t have a lot left in her though so I cut the session short and we put the sheep up.  She seemed quite pleased with herself during our walk back home.

This is really all Fern needed: some one on one time doing real work.  I’ll see if I can’t make it a point and grant her that as often as I can.

There is a good amount of grass in that fenced-in area so I plan on leaving them up there for a while.  I can take Fern up there, by herself, and work her in the mowed field.  It would be much easier working with her if she knew her flanks.

I’ve been aggressively hitting the job search this week.  I have an interview scheduled for later in the week.  We’ll see how it goes.  At this point in time, anything is better than Wal-Mart.

Until later …