Very quick update

Over a month ago, Wally and I arranged to have four full days off together.  His birthday was on Friday, so he took Thursday and Friday off from work.  I almost had to work on Saturday, but it was an oversight on the part of the Assistant Manager who does the scheduling and I got it off.

On our days off, we planned to make a covered extension off the front of my milking parlor.  Previously, I would tie the goats to the duck pasture fence and bring them in one by one.  If it was raining, I’d have to leave them in the fenced-in area (where they can get under cover) and lead them in one by one.  This was working, but it was not easy for one person to manage.  I shouldn’t say that, I’m never one person out there, I’m one person with a very useful dog.  Now, it’s two useful dogs as Fern is back to helping with the goats.

It took longer than I expected for us to construct the covered extension, but it is done except for painting.  The great thing is that most of the materials that we used were those that I stockpiled.  I have very little new money into it.  It looks wonderful and is very, very functional.  We also did more work on the milk stand itself and put a cover over the nesting box which is now situated along side the milking parlor.

On Thursday I got to meet a long-term, long-distance distance friend in person.  I’ve known Sheryl of Daybreak Australian Shepherds for almost ten years now.  We’ve had long discussions both via e-mail and telephone and shared a lot of joy and heartbreak over the years.  Sheryl came to North Carolina for a wedding and family reunion and she and her husband came to visit us on Thursday.  I was so glad to meet them both and to have them see the little piece of paradise I call home and of course to meet Gel and Fern in person.

As I mentioned above, Friday was Wally’s birthday and I think he had a very happy one.  I was glad to be able to share it with him and his family.

On Saturday we went to the farmer’s market in the morning, then spent the rest of the day working on the milk parlor extension.

On Sunday we finished the milk parlor and cover over the nesting box.

Today, Wally went back to work so he could rest.  I am hoping to hear from the law firm that I interviewed at early this week.  I wish I had a real job to go back to today.  I only work one day this week at Wal-Mart (which is a good thing as I’m so done with working at Wal-Mart) and plan to try to get some projects taken care of.

Until later …