It’s official …

I now have a herd name: Spellcast Dairy.  Registered it yesterday afternoon.  I had to get this done in order to register Luna’s baby who is now known as Skittles.  I don’t know how much registering of babies I’ll be doing in the immediate future as I have no plans to keep any babies for anything other than eating, but like I said, I needed to get that paperwork done.  By joining the American Dairy Goat Association, I get a reduction on registration fees.

It’s nice to chip away at things that need to be done.  This morning I pulled everything out of my linen closet in the master bath.  It was a mess of stuff that I had been collecting over the years.  I threw a lot of it away and reorganized the rest and put it back in the closet.  It looks nice.  The next thing I’ll be tackling is the pantry in the kitchen where I store saran wrap, aluminum foil, etc.  I organized that before Wally came over here, but it’s trashed again.  How can those nice, square boxes of wrapping paper get so messed up?  I’m in that closet several times a day and it’s irritating me beyond belief that it’s such a mess; as was the linen closet.

Yesterday afternoon I took a bale of hay down to the sheep.  They probably have plenty to eat where they are, but I figured the $3 that the bale of hay cost was worth it for the sense of well being I got from bringing it down to them.  I had the brainy idea of bringing a spare dog house down for Rose to go into.  This dog house was in the kid pen, but Dusty and Casper had all but destroyed it.  Wally fixed it as best he could and we were going to put it into the duck pen for the geese to go into, but I decided to cart it down to the ElectroNet yesterday afternoon.  I’m afraid I nailed the coffin on that dog house.  As soon as I put it in there, the sheep tried to get into it.  This is a good-sized dog house, but 30 sheep cannot fit into it.  It was too heavy for me to get back on the wagon so I’m afraid it’s going to have to stay down there until Wally can help me get it back up, if it is still in one piece, which it likely won’t be.  I tried to get Rose to come up to the house, but she wouldn’t leave the sheep.  Good girl.  We’ll move them on Wednesday.  Not looking forward to that.  The ground is so hard, it’s going to be a job getting the posts into the ground.  Oh for permanent fencing.

I don’t know what was the matter with me yesterday.  I just felt like crap.  No symptoms clear-cut enough for me to say I had this or that, I just felt lousy.  I guess I simply spent too much time in the sun and heat over the weekend.  I was so tired, I could barely milk last night.  Before we went out, I told Wally I felt sure it was his turn to milk last night.  He just laughed at me.

I feel much better today.  Hopefully it will continue and I can get a good amount done today.

Off to milk.

Until later …