Too many dogs to work ?????

During a discussion with Wally last night, I realized that it’s a good thing that I don’t have young dog in the sidelines chomping at the bit wanting to work.  For the most part, I don’t have enough work for more than one dog.  I am now confident that Fern is going to be able to step up to the plate when the time comes.  She’s been jumping in and helping Gel when I ask her to and doing a fine job of it.  Last night when Wally went out to put up the ducks, he tried to get Fern to go in and do it, but Gel got in there first and did the job.  He’s quite in charge these days.  He knows the routine and I can count on him to do what he needs to do.  Fern will learn in time.

Kessie, well, let’s just say she’s in training to be a bumble bee and if she’s happy doing that, then all the more power to her.

It rained some last night which was wonderful.  We have any 80 percent chance of rain today.  This morning the weatherman wondered when the daily chances for rain were going to end.  I told Wally that if he had to come out here and set ElectroNet in hard ground, he wouldn’t be wanting the rain chances to end!  As it stands now, we should be able to get it set without too much effort.  We are going to move the fence up closer to the house where the grass is not so tall (so it won’t be so hard to get the mower through it), but it will be sufficient for a few days.  Then we’ll decide on a more permanent location.

I may not have too many dogs to work, but I do have too much milk and Wally and I are thinking about picking up a bottle calf to feed the excess to.  Since I am not working at this time and the likelihood of my getting a full-time job in the next month is probably pretty slim, it makes sense for us to see how this will work out.  In addition to a means to use up excess milk, the manure the calf will produce will be beneficial for compost.  We are looking at our current rabbit herd as manure-making machines.  If they start fighting, we’ll have to cull some of them, but for now, they’ll continue to make compost.  Nothing is better for a garden than rabbit manure.  In the next week or so, I’ll be hauling excess goat (and sheep) manure out of the fenced-in area and adding that to the compost pile.  We wouldn’t have to keep the calf until it reached full-size.  Something to think about.  I may take a drive out to the local dairy later today and see if they have any bull calves available.  Ethically, I still don’t like the concept of bottle babies of any kind, but in our care, the calf would have a better life than it may elsewhere.  Once it was eating grass, we could fence it out with the sheep.

Until later …

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