Fern & da ducks

I’ve created a monster. Now whenever I go into the duck pen and Fern goes with me, she wants to work the ducks. I worked her a bit this afternoon and darned if she isn’t doing well. She switches direction easily, keeps the flock together and moving at a nice pace. When they go into their evening pen (a 10 x 10 dog lot), she takes them out without the ducks getting upset. Keep in mind, she could go firing into the pen and scatter ducks every where. Most importantly, she calls off them when I ask. She could turn into a very nice stock dog. She is still leery around sheep. When we go to South Carolina on Monday I’m going to try her on some sheep there. I do not have a small pen suitable for working sheep.

I took the dogs for a run this afternoon on the ATV. It was nice to be able to do it during the daylight so I could watch them run. So glad I bought it.