Day two without a web site

Shit, that sucks! It is almost 10:00 and I think the server issues are being resolved, but what a pain. Apparently during scheduled maintenance, one of the servers suffered hardware failures. Oh well, such is computers.

It looks like we’ll have two LGDs for now. As I pretty much expected, Janice decided not to take Rose. I don’t blame her, but I don’t think she’s thinking logically. Unless she finds a trained adult LGD, she’ll have to go through “issues” with any LGD she brings in. Rose’s issues are relatively minor. She is a good dog. I had her tied all day yesterday and that wasn’t ideal. Once she was let loose, she was really rowdy. We put her drag pole on her and it’s still on her. The goats and calf are out in the pasture and Rose is in the fenced-in enclosure.

I haven’t gone down to check Liath yet, but I will shortly. I’m loathing the thought of riding down on the ATV because it’s so cold! Not read for the cold. Last night, Wally brought food down to her and checked her and he said she seemed happier than she has been.

Janice said that she’d sell us her pig and Wally will get her tonight at the auction. I’m excited about getting her. I’ve done a good amount of research on using pigs as “pigerators” and believe that she’ll do exactly what we need her to do. I already have container of pig scraps for her.

Wally mentioned to a friend of his that we were going to get a pig. His friend told Wally that it was important that you keep a pig wormed. I suppose if you keep a bunch of pigs confined in a pen and feed commercial grain, you probably have to worm them a lot. Under those conditions, you’d have to worm any animal a lot. I’ll probably get some garlic into the pig (wish the goats would eat it, but they seem to be doing well on their herbal deworming formula). Apparently whey is a natural wormer. Interesting …

Off to check on Liath …