Day three with no web site

Shit, this sucks. I’m sure people are thinking I took my Journal and web sites down, but hell no, we’re here to stay. What a wonderful thing it is to finally be at a point where I don’t care what people think or say about me. It’s nice to be at peace with me and mine, well, as peaceful as things are here on the farm.

Yesterday, I discovered we had an unlikely predator of baby ducks: a Blue Heron. Yep, hard to believe, huh? That rotten bird got the single Khaki Campbell duckling yesterday and likely was what got the one Blue Swedish that went missing on Sunday. On Wednesday night, I noticed it perching on the dead pine tree that overlooks the duck/chicken pasture. Yesterday, I saw it swoop down into the pasture. The ducks and chickens ran for cover and the geese squawked. Rose charged the fence barking. Good Rose! Luckily, it didn’t get another duckling this time, but I feel sure that’s what it was after. When I saw it come back, I went out and scared it away. Hopefully if I continue to scare it away, it will look for easier prey.

As I write this, Petunia the pig is out in the back garden rooting away. Hopefully she’ll stay in there. We put her in one of the dog runs overnight and I see that she rooted all around the fence. Looking for a way out or was the ground simply softer around the edges of the run? That stands to reason because of how the rain would run off the edges of the tarp that was over the run.

I got a call for an interview yesterday, but I ended up e-mailing the company and canceling. The job may have been very interesting and challenging, but it was over an hour commute and an eight hour day. I am no longer willing to be away from home for ten or more hours a day. I’ve learned to live on less and would rather take a lower paying job with a shorter commute or find a half to three-quarters time job.

Wally is leaving work a bit early today so we can go and get a big load of hay out of the field. We’ll bring the stock trailer and fill that as well as the bed of the truck. We should be able to get almost 100 bales that way. That will get the sheep through the winter.

Liath continues to do well with the sheep. She was very happy to see me last night when I went down to check on her and I noticed the sheep were not starting when she got close to them. All of the sheep appeared to be fine, no new damage.

I’ve been wanting a “yard dog” and it looks like that’s what Rose is going to end up being. The only thing she’s shown any inclination to chase has been the yard rabbits, but she calls off them easily. She’ll half heartedly chase some of the cats if they cross through the fenced-in area, but I know she knows what cats belong here and which ones don’t.

Off to milk …