Too muscular?

I really had my hands on Fern last night. Not that I don’t handle her on a regular basis, but last night, I was really “feeling her up.” Darned, she’s built like a prize fighter: very, very compact and muscular. She feels wonderful. That lead me to think, is there such a thing as a five-month-old puppy being too muscular? Probably not. All the running she does has really built her up.

It is interesting how you see patterns that you didn’t see before. Gel is a fussy eater. He’s better than he was, but he still doesn’t eat as well as I’d like to see. I’ve noticed that Fern is starting to show signs of being too busy to eat. This morning, I put a bowl of turkey gizzards down on the floor. What does Fern do, run around the house stashing them for later. I do not think this is abnormal behavior for a dog or a puppy, but I’d rather not find petrified turkey gizzards lying around the house. She even put one on the couch which I of course I sat on before I found it.

I need to start putting her in her crate with a bowl of food, leaving her there for 15 minutes or so and whatever she doesn’t eat gets put away until the next meal.

Gel did the same thing as a young dog, he was too busy to eat. Today, I look at his lack of appetite as a sign of chronic disease, but now I wonder if it isn’t just a created habit.